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The Alternatives Are Better

Everything you do online is being monitored, analysed by AI and stored away with no deletion date.

The Internet was once touted as the

Information Super Highway

It promised to bring the world closer together.

It was an exciting place where you could explore a diverse range of ideas and opinions.

It was built on a transparent “open-source” platform through the cooperation of many different organisations and individuals.
It was not controlled by any government or corporation and provided a level playing field for a new generation of tech entrepreneurs.

Then Big Money moved in and created Big Tech

and Information Super Highway changed direction…

Today, the Internet is being used to DIVIDE and CONTROL us!

Now a diversity of ideas and opinions is now considered misinformation

and anything that contradicts the official narrative is branded extremist and banned or shadowbanned.

Censorship is never about whatever pretext they use!

The Dominance of Big Tech

Big Tech has crept into almost every aspect of our digital lives dominating social media, e-commerce, and providing IT/internet infrastructure to corporations and governments all around the world.

Chances are you are reading this because you are one of an increasing number of people that are concerned about the loss of online privacy and increasing censorship but there is actually much more at stake than personal privacy and censorship.

There is a War for Control of the internet

Not content with the huge profits from internet dominance…


Control over everything YOU can see and do online!

Ultimately they want to control your perception of reality – What you think and believe!

There will only be one correct narrative and if you are guilty of wrong-think you will be punished…

Facebook Jail was part of a test.
Had everyone’s response to it been to close their account do you think it would have continued?

Our acquiescence is a green light for more control…

and the consequences will be a lot more serious than a temporary ban on social media.

and you will no longer be able to get around this by using a backup or fake account.

To access their internet you will need a digital ID and this will be combined with an acceptable social credit score.

The Big Tech Information Super Highway is leading us to a Digital Prison!


Not because I think they are going to ban this site. That could happen but more likely you just will not be able to find websites like this.

because eventually, you simply won’t see any exits!


with alternatives available for just about everything you use Big Tech for today, and many of the alternatives are actually better!

The problem is most people don’t know how to get there

So I have created a guide I have called A Road Map to Online Freedom

Click below to find out more

YOU get to choose if you want the Big Tech digital prison or Online Freedom